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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Wow... I had a WONDERFUL night last night. I attended a Muay Thai kickboxing demonstration held by my school the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts. Everyone performed well, and we all had a blast! Lots of great demos, great people, and good times. I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Friday evening. I got home around 10:00pm or so, and just relaxed with a nice cup of coffee, and my virtual facebook friends.

I was chatting on MSN with my ex, and REALLY good friend Melanie Ferland about the meaning of life, and how to achieve happiness. Lately I've been going 160mph, and she gently reminded me to stop, and take a few seconds to breathe. Very important advice, and something we often forget when we get caught up in any emotion - including happiness. The blinders go up, and we forget that it's all about balance. Too much of a good thing is just as bad as not enough. Thank you for that Melanie... You're one of my inspirations, and mentors. You're not only a dear friend, but a life teacher as well.

This morning I had the rare pleasure of sleeping in. It happens once in a blue moon... but NOTHING beats getting woken up by a telephone call from your child.

"Good morning daddy! I'm eating honey comb in my PJs...' Hehehehe... I love her to bits. Today we are going to see the movie tangled I can't wait! It looks like a good one! Seems almost like a rip off of Ripenzel. We'll see.

Well that's it for me... time to meditate, have a nice breakfast, shower, and start my day.

Love and light!



Andie said...

LOL wtf is Ripenzel??
Do you mean Rapunzel?

Yeah that IS good advice.. Nice job on blogging btw. I have learned to journal keep track of daily things, my moods etc. Helps you understand yourself better eh?

Matt Davis said...

Does it ever... I'll be honest.. I really thought it was annoying, and a hassle... but once you do it... you just feel SOOO soo good about the day, and it's events... It just seems to put everything in proper order... I'm really enjoying this. :)