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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is tomorrow REALLY Xmas Eve!!!
I still have a couple (read: lots) of things to pick up before Xmas.  Mainly wrapping paper, chocolate, stocking stuffers, and the like.  Nothing I can't handle.  I figured the mall would be total pandemonium, so I took it upon myself to start the day off well with a wonderful meditation from Deepak Chopra.


This one definitely got 5 stars in my book.  It was very soft and welcoming first thing in the morning.  Just what I needed.

The idea of the holiday season has finally come on full force.  I can't WAIT to get out there after work, and tear it up.
I will report back this evening.

Love and light,



I went to the mall, and it was actually pretty decent!  Not too too packed at all.  The masochistic side of me was actually kinda disappointed.

I didn't get everything I required, so I'll hit it up tomorrow again at lunch. :)

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