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Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Monday folks!

Well another week in the books. Time to start back fresh.

Fight weekend in Montreal was a REAL gong show. I had a blast... it was likely one of the BEST weekends I've had in recent memory.

I got off the bus in Montreal around 7:00pm Friday evening, to meet up with Mel. We went for a coffee @ Tim Horton's and had a WONDERFUL chat. Felt really good to get re-acquainted again. I hadn't seen her in about 6 weeks or so. From there, we rented a movie, went back to her place, ordered Chinese food and just chilled. We didn't end up watching the movie, as we were MUCH too engrossed in good conversation. It was nice to talk about spirituality, and betterment of your personal being. I really enjoyed that.

We woke up late Saturday morning, and decided to go to a little diner down the road from her place. I ordered an extremely large breakfast... It tasted fantastic, but my poor belly can't handle that much wheat and gluten. I must have eaten about 8 slices of bread, along with a pancake, and some french toast. It was brutal... I paid for it for the rest of the evening.

After breakfast, we headed downtown to check out the UFC store! THAT was crazy! It was jammed! There were people all over the place... affliction T-shirts abound! Hung over ring girls lounging (read: sleeping with there head in their hands) in the background... it was crazy. I guess the previous evenings weigh-ins after party was a rough one.

We then walked around a bit more... We bumped into our mutual friend Moz at the Eaton's center. It was good to see him. He was happy to see us, and mentioned that Patrick Côté was at the foot locker! He was doing a fan meet and greet, along with an autograph signing. Pretty cool stuff. We walked around a bit more, and shopped around for a few more hours. Mel bought a really cute hat. I purchased a few Xmas gifts, and we headed back home.

Mél got gussied up for the pending fight night. She always looks so good when she gets done up. Mél is one of those "wake up with bed head, while wearing sweat pants and STILL look smokin' hawt" types. The eye make-up, with fitted black pants, and a plunging v-neck looked amazing. Personally, I just threw on my Team Renzo Gracie BJJ Tshirt, and a pair of dark jeans. I felt under dressed, next to such a beautiful woman. I downloaded the weigh-ins on her laptop, so we could watch them before heading out. Weigh-ins were great... it's go time.

We arrived au Centre Bell for 8:30pm or so, and the place was just getting warmed up... We got in, went for a quick pit stop, then hit up our seats. We were at the TOP top nose bleeder section, and surprisingly the seats we not too too bad! I could see the Octagon perfectly, and the big screens allowed for close up viewing action as well. What a rush.

All in all the fights were great. GSP laid a beating down on KOS for 5 straight rounds. I was nice...

Unfortunately I hadn't gauged or controlled my drinking that well, and found myself quite inebriated, when we left. Lesson learned... don't drink that much... and if you do, pace yourself. Lol. Mél was pretty decent about the whole thing though. I'm thankful for having such an understanding friend... Thanks Mel... You're the best...

Sunday afternoon was more shopping, good chats, and just relaxing. We finally ended up watching the movie that night. We hung out a bit... then I prepared myself for the trek back home. Lots of emotion when I left... but it was nice.

All in all, the weekend was a HUGE success... I had a blast, and can't wait to go back!

Love and light,


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Melanie said...

Yes it was an awesome weekend Matt....I had missed you very much and hope we can do it soon :) I can't beleive how much you've grown spritit's great....I'm very proud of you and now you can be my inspiration :) hope we'll see each other very soon :) xxx