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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

6:59am... I made it! Posting before 7:00am... yay!!

Good morning.... Where's the coffee?? *yawn* I just threw some chicken in the oven, and OH! Coffee's ready... thank GOD...


Ahhhhhh... black crack I tell ya....

So... I woke up to some WONDERFUL news. My friend and mentor Tina Su just pulled ahead in the SAM-e "Next good mood blogger" context! I'm so proud of her, and really hope she wins this thing... If there is someone that deserves to win, it's her. You can vote for Tina here. No need to sign up or anything, just click, and vote! Every vote counts... so kindly do so.

So what's up today? It's Tuesday! only 4 more days until UFC 124! I feel like a kid at Christmas - it's kind of ridiculous really. I'm FINALLY going to a live show! I leave Friday afternoon, for the second largest city in Canada - MONTREAL!!! I arrive around 5:00pm or so... to meet up with my best friend Mel. We're going to go for coffee, then possibly a walk somewhere down St-Denis - weather permitting. From there, it's back to her place, for a night in. Chinese food, and movies. It doesn't get much better then that. Next morning, it's up early - a bit of meditation, then breakfast, coffee, and the day is ours to enjoy. That evening is the fight, then back home for a good nights rest. I really need this time off, and am going to take advantage! :D

Well... the chicken is smellin' REALLY good - I've gotta jump in the shower and get this day started.

Have a wonderful Tuesday folks! You're alive, and the world is your oyster... doesn't get much better then that!

Love and light,


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~*Jobthingy*~ said...

welcome to blogland mister!